Made from Walnut, this planter is perfect for any space in your home! The base measures 5 inches square and from mount to base approximately 30 inches in length. The base has a hole that fits a 4 inch diameter pot perfectly! (terracotta pot shown) Adorn it with your favorite succulent, flower or herb to add some color to any room. Also is great alternative to a mobile in a baby room!
Comes fully assembled with a silver ring to mount to a wall or hang from a ceiling.

***Plant and pot not included.***

All of our wood is locally sourced and is sustainable coming from a responsibly managed forest!

Our Wooden Wall Hooks are made from beautiful Walnut wood.  They are sanded smooth and finished with our Organic Beeswax/Olive Oil bringing out the beauty of the grain and details of the wood.  You can scatter them to create a fun design on the wall or place them in a straight line for a minimalist approach. Adorn with your favorite hat, bag, scarf, or backpack!  Choose between a set of 3 or a set of 5 (lower price!) in the drop down menu.

Each one measures 3 inches in length and 1 inch in diameter.  Dowel screws are used for easy installation.  Make sure you have the proper tools and mounts needed for installation.